Rudimental Rumble

Patrick Fleischer and Oliver Schwab play their final exam concert June 2009 Class A.Riedhammer

Arnold F. Riedhammer

Publishing Company: Studio 4 Music, Leigh Howard Stevens,
POB 467 Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA 07712
FAX: 001-732-774-0033-

“Rudimental Rumble” was originally written for 12 percussionists in South America on a tour with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. At the time I had 12 students at the university and everyone wanted to be included in this piece.

3 snare drums – 3 tenor drums – 2 sets of quads – 2 bass drums & 2 cymbal players

My publishing company in the US requested a 6 player version and so I rewrote the piece for

1 snare drum – 1 tenor drum – 2 sets of quads – 1 bass drum & 1 cymbals player

A former student of mine, now principal percussionist of the WDR Radio Symphony Orchestra in Cologne Germany, Johannes Steinbauer -
who performed the original 12 piece version requested a “duet” of Rudimental Rumble for a percussion concerto evening broadcasted at the WDR in Cologne. Now here it is “RUDIMENTAL RUMBLE DUET”

A flashy rudimental explosion with “back sticking” – “clickity-click” and challenging rhythms guaranty an exciting visual and aural concert.
Rudimental Rumble (for 12 players) Track 2 - CD Percussion goes Pop, KOCH CLASSICS 3-6413-2

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