London Timps

London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.
The chimes of Big Ben, the tower clock, located in a tower of Britain’s Parliament, the Palace of Westminster is an iconic image of London.
I have been inspired by the intervals of Big Ben’s chimes and picked the notes
E-D-C-G to write the piece “London Timps” with variations.

Have fun and groove it!

Arnold F. Riedhammer

You can see „London Timps“ on – enter „London Timps“

I would like to thank my former student, Markus Steiner, now principal percussionist of the State Theater at Gaertnerplatz in Munich Germany, for printing this piece with the FINALE program.

Patrick Fleischer (Timpani) and Oliver Schwab (Drumset) playing their final exam concert June 2009 class A.Riedhammer