25 Years Brass Band "BLECHSCHADEN"

Arnold F. Riedhammer and Lord Mayor Christian Ude

© Kathrin Schlenther

Tribute to the legendary group “Blechschaden” – The Medal Munich Shines – to the Friends of Munich (München Leuchtet – den Freunden Münchens)
(Jan. 8th, 2009) It was a world premiere at the large assembly hall at Town Hall awarding the Medal Munich Shines – to the Friends of Munich. Usually extraordinary merits relating to the City of Munich, granted by the Bavarian Capitol are dignified with “The Medal Munich Shines - To the Friends of Munich” in the finishes Gold, Silver or Bronze but for the first time it was represented in Brass:
For the 25th Anniversary of the brass band “Blechschaden” Lord Mayor Christian Ude presented 13 specially manufactured Medals to Bob Ross, the conductor of the group, and his colleagues Werner Binder, Daniel Bonvin, Matthias Fischer, Hermann Göß, David Moltz, Arnold F. Riedhammer (Drums and Percussion) Erich Rinner, Dankwart Schmidt, Guido Segers, Franz Unterrainer, Thomas Walsh und Bernhard Weiss.
In his laudation Lord Mayor Ude clearly said that the cultural imprint in brass on no account is to be seen as a quality rating, on the contrary the cost of these medals were much higher than the bronze ones.

This unique award for “Blechschaden” is a very special one.